Week 41: Stick on nails and Pop tarts

New things this week:
1. I tried those nail polish stickers that are all the rage. and i can see why, they are pretty great. hard to put on, “just stick and file away the excess” is not quite that easy peasy, but it probs took less than time than it would to paint my nails so i would say it was well worth the effort. plus no drying time.  and the designs are super fun. multicolor stripes and designs and sparkles? yes please.  they lasted about 5 days before they began to chip, from the back. weird. i think i could have gotten a week out of them, but i’m a nail polish picker so once they start to chip it’s all over.  but super fun. i just bought a sally hansen set that looks like fishnets, so i will try those next.
These are the ones i did: (except in pink, Incoco brand)

This is what they looked like on: (yes, i have old lady hands. it means i’m wise) (and yes my sister made fun of me when she saw 10 pictures of my hand on my camera. this really was the best one…)

 2. Homemade pop-tarts! while in DC this weekend to celebrate my sisters b-day we went to brunch with my cousin and sisters friends (who have the happiest baby in the world… shout out baby Jay!).  Anyway we went to Ted’s Bulletin where they make their own pop tarts. that day they had 4 flavors: strawberry, blueberry, brown sugar cinnamon, and peanut butter and bacon. we tried the first three and they were fantastic (had to eliminate the PB & bacon due to a munchkins peanut allergy). clever idea though.

3. Tried one of the new holiday flavors of cliff bar: peppermint stick. it was ok, very minty which was good. but i kind of hate the texture of cliff bars.  No longer looking forward to the gingerbread one i bought…

4. Tried two new soups.  Getting into the fall spirit and stocking my freezer for the coming winter 🙂

Success- Sweet potato peanut.

Failure- Black bean and pumpkin. somehow the spice was way too hot, almost blew my head off. but i think if i just add like 1/3 of the chipotle chili powder it would be delicious.  stuck two jars in my freezer and will probs add them to chili to spice it up.

Something i already knew: i am a merchandisers dream. Went to Teavana in DC (a fancy tea store) and got so sucked in.  first of all it’s a great store (if you like tea) because they have tons of samples and explain things really well.  they have signs under each tea telling you all about the health benefits (antioxidants! better skin! clearer sinuses! gives you superpowers!  faster metabolism!) and then tell you about how you can combine them to get even more benefits. what?! more benefits through being clever?! of course i bought some. of course it was ridic expensive. of course i bought 2 so i can mix them.  and of course i think my “new thing”  is going to be loose tea. seriously, just tell me how something is good for me and i want to buy it. i get sucked into almost all marketing. (see nail stickers above…)  granted a loose tea obsession is better than say, doing drugs, but still probs unnecessary.  but you know what?  i’m gonna do it anyway. neener neener. so bravo Teavana, you’ve won this round. and probably the next ones, until i lose interest.


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