Week 40: Introducing……

The newest addition:  Mr. Arthur Vincent Sherwood!

Day one

Arthur was born on weds, Oct 6, 2011, AND shares a super awesome birthday with my sister dana.  I told my cousins they should name him Daniel after Dana, but i’m pretty sure they pretended not to hear me. but hey, i’ll let the parents name their own kid…this time.  so congrats on your new addition Bob and Dina!  he is def my very favoite nephew.  ok, my only nephew, but still…  He is the cutest little guy you have ever seen! check out this sweet face.

snuggles mcsnoozer

and he is a major snoozer which means he’s def a sherwood.  he prefers snoozin over food (they have to pat his face with a cold washcloth to keep him awake for feedings) and crying (he squinches up his face and get all red, opens his mouth and then relaxes and fall back asleep. crying is just too much energy right now). he’s still super tiny so you can easily hold him football style, and as you can see, his head is smaller than my hand.

i’ve figured out why people had so many babies back in the olden days.  they didn’t have tv.  i mean seriously, put a baby in a room and everyone is instantly entertained. i mean i could (and do!) look at this little guy for hours and exclaim everytime he makes a new face.  he is far more enthralling than the kardashians thats for sure. (although did you watch the wedding special? ridic. kris hump seems like an ass.)

i’ve become a bit of a blog stalker. some of my friends blog, and through their pages i have found other good blogs and i find i am very demanding with my daily check ins.  on my lunch break i check all my blogs (like 100! not really, more like 6…) because i like to see what people have been up to lately.  they are probs half cooking and half this type.  and i get annoyed when my daily bloggers take a day off.  i mean come on.  what do you have better to do than entertain me? blog, bloggers, blog!

harvest wine and food fest was delightful as always.  i bought some wine as always. but i did try 2 new things. 1- the hot wing chicken sandwich from the pretzel truck. wow, seriously good. i want all my sandwiches to come on a pretzel now. 2- cider made in jack daniels barrels.  whoa. basically hard cider, fermented in jack daniels barrels that tastes like jack without the burn. dangerous! and technically they have to sell it as “apple table wine” because of the high alcohol content.  ca-razypants.

movie news: Chris Evans is my new actor boyfriend. (sorry ryans {reynolds and gosling} you are falling behind in the actor boyfriend derby.) he is seriously adorbs.  Whats your number was pretty good. we kept trying to guess the ending and kept being wrong (not about the happy ever after, i mean come on, it’s a rom com, but about how it would get there.) but it was entertaining, i laughed out loud several times, and like i said, it has chris evans.


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