Week 39: Lightning strikes

Literally. on two separate occasions.  first time: fried my modem. like completely, couldn’t even get it to turn on.  second time: fried my water pump.  sometime during the night, so i didn’t realize it until i was 3 minutes into my shower, all shampooed up, and no water.  i had to rinse out my yard of hair with freezing cold Brita water.  at least my hair isn’t thick.  crazy lightning storm.  i really don’t understand how the first bolt only blew my modem, but i will give thanks that my TV, computer and Roku are all ok.  on the upside i now have a spiffy new modem, AND a new water pump (probs a good thing since my old one was 39 years old).

Boni and i took advantage of the Endless Mountains Outfitters flood sale and i came home with this pretty lady:  the Dagger Zydeco.  baby’s first kayak.

Brocktoberfest also happened.  My friend has a friend named Brock, who throws an octoberfest party every year. see how that worked?  it was fun, would have been more fun if it wasn’t in the 40’s and raining, but i digress.  i did get lots of compliments on my sweet nail polish (sally hansen salon manicure, commander in chic) as i held my hands over whichever fire we were near in a desperate attempt to stay warm. 

met a guy at the party with a mohawk who competes in arm wrestling tournaments.  i sometimes wonder how i always manage to end up talking to the most eccentric person at a party, but then i realize i walk right into it when i hear things like “arm wrestling tournament”. seriously, how do you not ask questions when you hear that?  unsurprisingly it’s all about strategy, not strength.

Fall means Fall beers. 3 i tried this weekend:

Hofbrau Oktoberfest (at Bfest): very good

Stegmeier Oktoberfest (at Bfest): pretty good

Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat (at Arena): Super tasty and light.


Movie news: Lion King 3D! still soo good.  kinda weird seeing it in the theater 20 years later, but it still holds up.  although man, cartoons were scary back then. not sure how the little ones would have fared.  that whole creepy hyena musical number? and the fire fight scene? freak-y. also, there were teenagers sitting in front of us, that from their comments we deduced they were seeing lion king for the first time!  don’t we feel old?


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