Week 38: Destination Cocoa Beach

i love destination weddings, especially destination beach weddings!

One of my oldest friends got married last weekend and it was a beautiful beach wedding.  it was pretty small, maybe 60 people and right on the beach looking out to the ocean.  the weather was sunny and gorgeous and HOT, but thats ok because the wedding was short and very sweet.

The new happy family!

After the wedding there was a nice reception on the deck then most of the guests and wedding party went on a cruise! my sister and i stayed to play at the beach.  and man, cocoa beach is gorgeous! the water was super warm, the sand was very soft, and the sun shone super bright.  it was one of those vacations where you actually leave feeling relaxed. the only casualty was the ocean claiming my sunglasses.  oops.  but i got a sweet new $10 pair. they are large and mirrored and wicked dark.  like i could barely read my book dark.  my sister said i looked like a cop.

all we did was lay in the sun, eat, and drink. and walk the beach and play in the waves.  it was glorious.  some great places to eat and drink:

1. Mainly Lobster: looks like a shack, AWESOME seafood. ask for the fried shrimp appetizer, it’s not on the menu but is ridic good.

2. Coconuts on the beach: beach bar. need i say more? order the “pain in my ass”: half rum runner half pina colada. delicious.

3. Simply delicious cafe & bakery: breakfast place, really good food, iced coffee as big as your head.

it was especially nice because we got to hang out with amy for the whole weekend and had the luxury of playing with her adorable kiddos and being chauffeured to and from the airport!  it also gave us a chance to scheme over our next adventure: The Great Sister Trip of 2012. my sister and her friends, plus all the sisters.  Let the planning begin!


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