Week 37: Yogi Maria

In the past week i have tried two different classes at the Endless Mountains Hot Yoga center in Shadowbrook.  So far i like both classes better then my at-home MTV yoga DVD (that i’m pretty sure my sister stole anyway) and the class i went to at Browns (my gym).  i think this may be the ticket to keeping my back loose and happy this winter.  the classes were:

1. Hot Yoga. I have never sweated this much in my entire life.  i didn’t even know my knees could sweat.  This is a class where they heat the room to 100+* and slowly go through poses and compressions.  it is less of a ‘vinyassa type flow through poses’ class and more of a major detox.  a lot of the poses and compressions are designed to ease pressure in different areas and clean out different organs (i think).  there were at least 2 poses that the instructor said cleaned out your colon.  kinda weird, but hey, a clean colon is a happy colon i suppose.  plus you sweat SO MUCH that you lose all your water weight and feel super skinny for a few days.  so thats fun.

2. Warm Vinyassa.  This class was great. even though it was at 6 AM. i know right? ridic. but the very best part of having a workout buddy is that if you make plans you have to go.  even if it is cold and pouring when you wake up at 5:30AM.  the room is just slightly warmer than normal, i’d say 80*ish so your muscles stay nice and warm and loose.  this class was more challenging than the Hot class and had much more flow through the poses.  not sure how many 6AM classes i will do once it gets cold, but it was a nice way to start the morning. i bought a package of 10 classes, so i’m at least locked in to that long, hopefully that will be enough to get me hooked!

one problem with working out in the morning? i already feel wicked productive by 7AM.  which means i have to remind myself to keep working at work.   yes i worked out and am very awesomepants. no, i did not cram a whole work day into my yoga class.  must. keep. working.

Foggy Fall Lake

Extras: Attended a very charming wedding on saturday.  i was a replacement date, as my friends date couldn’t make it at the last minute, so i didn’t really know the couple very well, or any of the guests for that matter.  but it was beautiful outside (outside wedding in the park), the couple looked super happy (despite the fact they got flooded out last week) and the best man dated one of my friends in high school.  such a small world.  went from the wedding to a 9 year olds mexican themed b-day party.  and was so special they let me wear the serape.  (you know the super crazy cool mexican poncho?) man i really lucked out at that party.  plus i got even more free food, wine and cake.  it was a bang up saturday.  then i did penance for all my eating and drinking and whooping it up, by mowing my lawn and mopping my porch.  and doing laundry and dishes.  and watching lots of bad tv. as one should do on a sunday.

Coming up: Weekend Wedding in Cocoa Beach!


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