Week 35: We Need More Weight!

Labor Day = Wyoming County Fair! 

I helped with the horse pull this year which is a new thing because while we watch it every year (my dad runs it) i have never been a part of it. ended up being a lot of fun and per usual i got sucked right in to horses pulling concrete blocks….  and it was a record breaking pull in so many ways.

#1: New Record weight pulled for the lightweight horses: 10,500 pounds.  Usually the lightweights top out around 8,000.  The difference was the track was a little wet and therefore made the pulling easier, which led to…

#2: The lightweights outpulled the heavyweights! the heavyweights won with 10,000 pounds.  This was because the track dried out some between the light and heavy weights.  Which is too bad because of….

#3: They ran out of weight.  due to the record breaking weights pulled, the fair ran out of 500 & 1,000 pound blocks.  They only stock up to 10,000 pounds, which means that for the lightweights to pull 10,500 they had to recruit a couple of 250 pound men.  Which luckily is not hard at a county fair…. but i did hope the heavyweights would pull up to like 11,500 so we could watch 6 large men balance on top of the sled. not a lot of room up there, could have been a real photo op/mud & poo covered disaster.   but alas, the track dried out.

Next year i hope to graduate from record keeper to announcer.  i think i could really spice up the commentary, i mean gary did not once comment on how pretty the horses were, or how nice the shoulder pads looked, or even give a shout out to the one contestant helping like all the heavyweight teams….. i wish i had gotten some pics, especially of the men on the sled, but once again i forgot. dur.  my outfit also deserved a pic: hat, plaid shirt, tank top, and jeans tucked into rain boots.  cause it was MUDDY.  especially down on the track getting the team names i was in mud up to my ankles.  should have been disgusting, but i was pretty happy to actually put them to use.  i may have purposely stepped in the deepest mud and some horse poo just because i could.  then washed them off in a puddle 🙂

Other fair highlights: the truck pull. every time i watch it i make fun of it for like 5 minutes then get totally sucked in and find myself asking other bleacher sitters about the rules and strategy. i think my “countryness” increases by 1000% as soon as i walk through the fair gates.  went for a peach delight instead of an apple dumpling this year.  kind of regret it.  got pizza, lemonade, and potato pancakes.  had some of a friends cactus taters with old bay.  watched a little team calf roping and barrel racing with the high school rodeo.  (sidenote- my friend told me that pro barrel racers are now buying retired thoroughbreds.  crazy…) and of course got my michael mootz fudge. best fudge in the world.  i get 1 pound every year.   

How i know it’s fall: i wore closed toed shoes to work yesterday for the first time since may. blow dried my hair today for the first time since may. have had both hot apple cider AND an apple cider donut.  my lawn guy went back to college. and bath and body works smells like pumpkin spice. 

Movie News: Captain America! was greeeeeat! I am SO excited for the Avengers now. 

Not sure why i was thinking about this, but: one thing i really REALLY miss about high school: having all my best friends live 5-10 miles away. thats one part of growing up i really dislike. although it is fun to visit everyone, and we all have great friends that live close, i would totally go back in time to high school (for a bit) just to have the opportunity to see everyone whenever i wanted again.


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