Week 34: The Day After Tomorrow

crazy weather lately.  i will say that i do not think this is symptomatic of any sort of world ending scenario. get a grip people.  the world has been around for a looong time.  weather patterns are not static, they are ever changing and evolving.  i bet the dinosaurs didn’t freak out this much over the ice age. they just plodded through it.  seriously, go watch Ice Age. excellent reference material.

Hurricane: so we got 7 inches of rain saturday night/sunday morning.  that is a LOT of rain.  and wind.  which somehow knocked out my power and i get the feeling it would still be out if i didn’t have a friend at the electric company, Thanks B! so i spent all sunday at my moms since she had power (ahh, flushing toilets, running water, light bulbs, glorious) and we cooked up some kickin chili for a few other refugees.  i really think my sister found the best chili recipe ever:


such a great site, she makes fantstic food.  if you have the time make her buckeyes too, they are ridic good.  for the chili i added a chipotle chili and did black beans instead of kidney.  and yes the 1/4 CUP of chili powder is correct.  trust me, it’s delicious and will not blow your head off.  and it freezes great.

Earthquake: i feel a little gypped.  i didn’t feel it at all.  stupid sturdy dealership i work in.  my sisters felt it, my mom felt it, and i got nothing.  not even a Jurassic Park water in the glass moment.  sigh. 

Major Annoyance: what is this ongoing trend to roll up sleeves of sweaters and shirts and then button them? it literally drives me nuts.  do people actually see that as super functional? like “oh thank god this has a button, when i get hot enough to expose my forearm i desperately need to secure my sleeve with a button, otherwise it would just roll back down!”  or “gosh i love how when i unroll the sleeves of this shirt i have this lovely piece of cloth that secures the button that now hangs down attractively.” i mean, i have enough of an issue with 3/4 sleeve shirts to begin with, and now this must be thrown into the mix? it drives me almost as nuts as the baggers at wegmans do (seriously teach these kids how to bag! i do not require 14 bags for 16 items…).

Movie: CONAN.  good not great.  the action was pretty awesome, and see it in 3D cause it is very well done, not jumpy or hard to watch like other movies…cough…clashofthetitans…cough. the lead guy is super hot and luckily, half naked for most of the movie.  as i am told he is on Game of Thrones.  apparently his finest quality as an actor is his bangin upper body 🙂  and thats saying something as i think he is actually a good actor.  although he does the sylvester stallone grimace and look up thing so you see the under whites of his eyes alot.

House Construction: is progressing.  i have now cleaned out my entire closet which gave me the opportunity to thin out my wardrobe.  so i had a “come shop at my house” night for a few friends, and it was a SUCCESS.  they took almost everything which is awesome cause that is all the fewer clothes i have to run to interfaith now.


One thought on “Week 34: The Day After Tomorrow

  1. I couldn’t agree more about Wegmans! They have almost everything else down to a science but the bagging they fail every time!

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