Week 33: I’m Famous!

or i should say, the back of my head is famous! check out my pic in the Scranton paper: (i’m on the left, look how blonde my hair looks!)


and you thought you wouldn’t see anything great today…

so movie on the Scranton courthouse lawn was great, i highly suggest going this thursday (Rudy) or next thursday (Grease!). things to bring: blanket or chairs, sweatshirt, and snacks if you want your own or they have a little vendor guy selling snacks (popcorn!)

My house construction has begun.  i’m so excited. and i just can’t hide it. new roof, bigger bathroom, and bigger closet.  and they already found 2 rotten beams, why hello old house!  so now i can also add- and my house won’t fall down- to the list of fabulous things they are doing.  i can’t wait to pimp my closet.  putting in shelves and hanger rods and getting clear shoeboxes.  and my bathroom gets a new floor, vanity, lighting, and i think i’m gonna paint it. my sister gave me the idea to do light aqua walls, and then sand colored tiles on the floor and it will be like the beach!  oh boy oh boy oh boy!


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