Week 32: OCNJ and DC

my friend flew in from Rome for a few days and i met up with her to be both her taxi and partner in crime as we visited our philly and DC friends in a whirlwind weekend.

Stop #1: Ocean City, NJ to visit Angie.  i love the beach. next year i need to buckle down and spend a whole week there, because these one or two day trips just don’t satisfy my beach craving.  i love the sand, the ocean, the sun, the boardwalk, just everything.  we were the perfect beach bums for a day.  we sat in our chairs, we played in the water, we took a beachy walk, then we hit the boardwalk for lunch and taffy.  if you are on the OCNJ boardwalk, you have to get Shrivers Taffy.  it’s SO good, just like Dolly’s in OCMD.  i wanted to get fudge too, but we had a long, hot car ride in front of us so it didn’t seem wise.  my last parting gift from the beach was an asshole tan.  somehow i got the front of my neck and one side, but not the other side except for a thumbprint… it was a sweet neck burn.  luckily my skin is pretty tanned up by now and it was mostly gone the next day which was good because we were in:

Stop #2: DC to see Kristie and Mike! best hosts ever, when we arrived late friday night, exhausted and slightly cranky, they greeted us at the door with beers and a delightful patio to relax on.  saturday day we went to Eastern Market, the craft fair/ farmers market.  it was fun, kinda small due to morning rain, but fun to walk around.  and i would def buy all my peaches there.  so far i have struck out with grocery store peaches and have vowed to only buy them from farm stands.  they also had a stand with ring made from palm tree seeds.  very cool, kind of looked like wooden rings, but were all different colors.  then we went home to take a nappy to prep for the evenings activities, which i will call:

stop #3: DC nightlife.  first we went to the Peking Duck Gourmet for some duck.  it was good, it was a whole duck that they carve in front of you.  my friend is obsessed with it, and it was an interesting thing to watch.  just don’t call it a carcass in front of her, because you will get scolded.  although, seriously, it’s a carcass.  it was a room full of delicious carcasses.  anyway.  after that we went to the rooftop bar on the W which was swanky swank.  and has a kick ass view of DC at night, you can look out and see all the monuments lit up and the side of the White House.  pretty fancy. and if you don’t recognize the white house from the side, don’t feel bad, i didn’t either.  “where is the white house?” “um, the big white house lit up right there…” “oh”.  then we headed to Biergarden Haus (sp?) in another part of town, which is a beer garden (in case you didn’t pick up on that from the name).  we sat upstairs, outside and it was the perfect weather for it.  and drank liter beers in giant glass beer steins.  i seriously had to use both hands until i was like 2/3 done.  those suckers are heavy.  AND next time i go i want to try the sampler.  you can get this cool round carrier that holds 10 little (like 6 or 8 oz) glasses and they put one of every draft beer in.  i think it was $36 which kind of seemed like a sampling bargain.  OH, and some guy at the bar called me a loser.  it was so weird.  my sister and i got there first and she went to get beers, so i got enough chairs for our group and a guy at the table  next to me was like, “do you have more people coming?” so i said “um yeah thats why i’m getting more stools” i did not add on a Captain Obvious.  and he said “oh, cause you kinda look like a loser sitting by yourself”. who says that? so i just said “that was rude” and turned around.  not really sure what response he was looking for there.  jerk.  but all in all great whirlwind weekend! now that all my crazy busy weeks/weekends are over its time to get back on the eating right/exercising horse.  i’ve been getting too tired during the day which i attribute to eating crap and not exercising.  shocker.


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