Week 31: JESSE & BILL 4 EVA

I’ve been a lazy blogger. part of that is laziness and part of that is because it’s hard to sum up this weekend in a quick witty post. On saturday my sister got married (!!!) and it was a whirlwind of parties, family, and dancing. and i have very few pics of the weekend extravaganza because i was too busy to take them.  hey being a bridesmaid is tough work!

as a 30 year old woman i have been to hundreds of weddings. (maybe more like dozens, but it feels like hundreds sometimes!) and while most are nice, and most of the couples look happy and excited, at very few weddings can you feel that love and excitement. this was one of those rare weddings. it was just beaming out of my sister and Bill. i saw no nerves, no hesitation, just excitement to get down the damn aisle and see each other after a whole night of separation.

The rehearsal dinner was delicious (and enough to feed a medium sized country) and the “rehearsal” went very smooth.  the hair and make-up the next morning was fun and efficient, until i went out to get the car to transport the lovely bride, bridesmaids, and mother & grandmother of the groom back to the hotel and it was POURING.  lets just say in the two trips i made between the salon and the hotel, everything remained in tact and beautiful, but i may have had three minor head explosions.  BUT the good news is the wedding was inside, so once we were safe and sound in the hotel, it didn’t matter. 

the ceremony itself was gorgeous.  the ballroom at the Radisson with the restored facade was lit by candles and was truly stunning.  the ceremony was short and sweet and, (unsurprisingly) funny too.  the highlight of the picture taking portion was when the photographer told them to face each other and reach out your hands… the happy couple reached out, shook hands, then kind of looked at each other like “wait…shake hands? this can’t be right” then switched to a softer holdy hands pose. 

and the reception.  cocktail hour was fantastic, delicious food, lots of mingling and picture taking (by others cause i fell down on the job) and i even tried out dana’s “hand on the hip” picture pose.  rocked it. but i don’t know who took it, so it’s lost.  the speeches were great minus the mike trouble, the best mans was funny and insightful (bill was a college radio show host…!) and hopefully mine and dana’s went over well.  then came the dancing. 

let me preface with this statement: This was a dancing crowd.  Gauntlets had been thrown, dance-off’s were imminent, and the bride and groom were no exception.  i knew my sister could dance (and i mean DANCE dance) even though it rarely came out, but Bill? no idea. once he hit that magic number of Makers Marks, IT WAS ON.  they were a newlywed dancing machine.  they TORE IT UP. it was awesome.  had there been a write-in-vote for the dance-off i think they would have won.  (of course they would have had the popular vote since it was their wedding, but thats a different discussion).  and since there was no write-in the winner was someone else.  and here, today, on this blog, i would like to announce the official winner of:

Jesse & Bill’s Wedding Dance-Off is….: Catherine “The Annihilator” East. i would like to thank all the participants, and remind everyone that there are no losers here.  i mean, technically, there totally are, but really in your hearts you are all winners.  and if you want someone to blame, allow me to say this: she who bribes the judges/bridesmaids the best wins.  it’s really all about preparation kids.

So congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Billiam Lawrence!  May your future be ever filled with dance-offs, hawaiian pineapple, and a tiny dog jumping over a big dog.

Love You.


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