Week 30: Lake Carey Day

Admittedly this is not a “new” experience since we do it every year (lake carey day is basically a weekend of parties and activities on the lake), but this year i was a POKER RUN stop! had my name on a map and everything, haha. i was quite nervous to be a stop (this surprised people. i mean, have you met me?  i’m an anxious person…) mostly because i heard varying reviews.  i was uber-excited until i talked  to a few neighbors that had been a stop and they scared the crapola out of me.  too many people! ran out food! chaos! nightmares! never again! but i digress. and after successfully running a poker stop i can very easily say the most important thing to have is helpers. for each table you need a card drawer, a paper marker, and a food/drink coordinator.  and if you can outfit them all in homemade t-shirts all the better!  seriously, super fun. and easy, thanks to all my helpers. 2 stations, for people that come by land or by sea (lake).  my friend brought a sweet canopy over so the by land table looked very professional.  and the dock table had the boat puller inner stick-y thing (courtesy of the gibbons) that made boat wrangling easier.  unsurprisingly some of those people were not professional boat drivers.  not sure who won the poker run, but the best hand that come through was 3 10’s.  not too shabby! it was a perfect weather day, blue skies and sun without being 100* and the water was super warm for swimming or floating.  it got cool enough at night for jeans (although i still got 6 bug bites, gar) and made the fireworks watching, music listening, Adirondack chair sitting just perfecto.

weekend highlights: got pulled in a pool, then realized i left my purse at the bar and had to go back and get it dripping wet. oops. supremely successful poker run, cornhole, my friends toddler walking around being hilarious: “no way brotha!”, everyone wore their homemade t-shirt, gossiping, blood killa research, finding out my cousins bf’s nickname is Newt (whaa?),   those chocolate peanut butter things, fireworks at vanduzers, the lone chinese lantern we saw go up in the sky, name that tune, empire records, and that fact that LB cleaned my kitchen for me!

lesson learned- i should not go swimming at night after drinking because my confidence is too high and my motor skills are too low to navigate my slippery stone steps out of the water.  which leads to a few giant bruises.  at least my bridesmaid dress for this weekend is long.  otherwise people would think my sister went all bridezilla on me. beat me with a baseball bat for putting people at improper tables when crafting the seating chart or something. 

other lesson learned- next year i need to designate a photographer. all these fantastic photo ops and not one single pic.  we are a camera lazy bunch i tell ya. the sweet t-shirt pic above i totally took last night.  but seriously, am i not a professional t-shirt spray painter? it looks awesomepants.

fair warning: i now have the chocolate mudd wine, (thanks for the gift LB…) so the next party i attend, you get it as a re-gift….

next up: my sisters wedding (!) and CARNI. it’s literally almost too much for me for one week.  i might die of excitement. i purposely did nothing sunday night to rest up. conserve my energy.  my sister and i are working the wine table in the beer tent on weds, so stop by!


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