Week 29: Woodstock

and by Woodstock, i mean 311 & Sublime at Bethel Woods (the home of woodstock!).  this was my first time at a concert here and it was fantastic.  as soon as we got there it started to rain (in true woodstock fashion!) but we didn’t care because we were goin to the museum first! and it was really cool.  if you ever go to a concert in Bethel def go to the museum.  the only sub-par thing about it was the gift shop.  instead of being emblazoned with WOODSTOCK all the shirts and stuff said MUSEUM AT BETHEL WOODS…. not quite as iconic…

the venue itself is quality, it’s a large lawn shaped like an amphitheater, and very pretty.  the food was decent, the drinks were great (margaritas that were largely tequila and beer that filled from the bottom of the cup!) and the music was awesome.  by the time we made our way out of the museum it was only sprinkling and by the time we grabbed, food, drink, chairs and claimed a good spot the sun had come out and the weather was GORGEOUS, not too hot but warm enough for a tank top. while it would have been fun to mud it up like woodstock, i’m pretty glad it stopped raining.  i only wish Sublime played a little more old stuff and a little less new stuff, cause i don’t know the new stuff very well…but they were really good,the new singer sounds good. and man. it takes me right back to high school. i think i need to listen to sublime more often.  it’ll be like my youth serum.   the girls i went with had a great time and i also managed to find a bunch of my other friends there which is always nice.  and even ran into random pppl i knew.  as large a venue as it is, it really does have a small town feel to it.  very peace, love, and happiness.  and pot. 

things of note: guy in head to toe rainbow spandex, like a wetsuit with the hood and all….beanbag chairs in the one video room in the museum, very hippie-chic…..guy behind us with an excellent woodstock shirt that i meant to try and coerce him into giving me, but then he disappeared (he must have sensed my ninja coersion skillz)…..the guy running from security guards that slipped on the wet grass and bit it hard….and of course the crappy tshirts we bought in the parking lot (only $10!) that say “with special guets“, still worth it cause we forgot to even look for others in there.  (i didn’t even see any merchandising booths…).  all in all it was a great night and totally worth the slight hangover and extreme tiredness i feel today.  and bethel woods is only an hour and a hlaf away, totally not bad.  i will def go to another concert there.

so technically this happened in week 30 and not 29, but whatevs. call it creative accounting.  nothing of note happened in 29, and this week we still have make ur own t-shirt night on weds, and LCD on saturday!

movie: bad teacher.  it was fairly bad.  i find i quite dislike cameron diaz.  although per usual i l.o.v.e. jason segal.  still really want to see Horrible Bosses, Captain America, and Friends w/Benefits.  come on Dietrich, pick up the pace!  so before the movie my friend got pulled over (such a rebel, she went straight by twigs instead of turning right) and i walked over to chat with her while we assumed the coperoo was writing her a ticket. i think he was trying to sweat me out, figuring if i stood in the 95* day for long enough i would abandon ship and leave her alone to get a tix.  but my “get out of jail free” powers are too strong and he was compelled to give her a warning, woohoo! apparently we looked like we wanted some trouble because 3 cop cars drove by as we were standing there. just in case he needed back up with two tiny girls in sundresses i suppose.  maybe they thought we were in the Blood Killa gang… for serious tho, took him 10 whole minutes to write a warning.  we suspect he may have been in his car playing words with friends….


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