Week 28: I Solemnly Swear I am Up to No Good.

This is it. the final chapter of Harry Potter. i am bereft. between this and Friday Night Lights only having one more episode, i really am sad to say goodbye to all these characters i love so much. it’s a strange phenomenon to have these characters that have been such a huge part of my life.  i mean i have known and read about them and watched them for over 10 years! when we were little there were no overreaching series like Harry Potter. (although i did want to join the babaysitters club and go to sweet valley high…) i am actually dreading going to see the last movie a little.  it’s like every time i read the last book i hate to get to the last page (yeah i’ve read it like 5 times, i’m a dork, you already knew that). especially since she teases us with an epilogue.  don’t show me the future and then choose not to write about it!  i’m debating about whether or not to see it in 3D.  i’m not a fan of this new craze, during action it kind of makes my eyes hurt… plus i think i will be dorky enough to say i’m a harry potter purist, i want to see this film the same way i saw the rest. 


watched movie 7 part 1 to prep for tomorrow.  and i realized one of the reasons i love these movies so much.  don’t get me wrong, i LOVE the books.  but after reading the books which are all so introspective, when you watch the movies you get to see the action while already knowing the emotions and feelings the characters have.  so it’s a richer experience.  and it sucks me in every time! i laugh, i cry, i literally sit on the edge of my seat and fret about the outcome (which i already know). i’m pumped for tomorrow.  my only concern is getting sleepy.  if anyone knows me, they know i don’t go out after 10PM.  if i’m already out, it’s fine and dandy. but to go home and hang out till 10, then go out? not gonna happen. i’ve already put on my jammies and will ignore your phone calls.  so to go to a movie that starts at 12;05?! well good luck to me.  i figure a fine balance of caffine and wine.  and popcorn. and giddy excitement.


we had to get tickets in 3D.  Why on earth the Dietrich has the 2D in one of the non-fancy theaters is beyond me.  i mean, seriously, do they have another movie they need to show at 12:05 on thursday night in the other fancy theater? can’t they just switch to the old theater on friday? the logistics are killing me here. so: work, gym, moms, hotel opening, random few hours (will be super tempted to watch part 1 again), PART 2.


wow. tired.  so we did the midnight showing.  the other half of ‘the charmingly nerdy duo’ got there a few minutes before our cheduled 11 pm meetup time and called me in a slight panic, “there is a line out the door already!” well by the time i got there 5 minutes later, the line was out the door, down the block, and around the side. dietrich sold out both theaters! ridic. so we finally made it in, got good seats, popcorn, soda and our wine of course.  and the movie was great.  it had everything, action, comedy, emotion and closed the story in a very satisfying way.  for 2 hours the entire sold out theater was silent.  until the very end when some of the big name baddies are killed off and then people cheered. twice! and at the end of the movie everyone clapped.  it was great.  AND the 3D is the way to go.  sometimes i don’t like it because i think you can’t track the action well enough, but that was not a problem in this movie.  it was really well done and i think better with 3D than without.  i wasn’t as sad as i anticipated at the end, but that may have been due to the wine and the fact it was 2:30 in the damn morning….

on our way to our car we got hassled by 21 year olds coming out of the bar with their 6 packs (beer, not belly). as i got in my car, whilst ignoring them, one of them was like “oh man, is that your car? i already robbed that twice!”  really? so tempted to respond, “why? did you F*** it up the first time?” dumbass kids these days. they aren’t even competent at verbal harrassement.  although i did really want to ask them if they knew any blood killas.  but i didn’t. i just got in my car and locked the doors.

i am pondering what series to fill the void with next.  i thought perhaps hunger games, but man i breezed through those books too fast.  so i am thinking about buying the Game of Thrones books.  i really thought i would be all gung ho Twilight cause i enjoyed those books, but ugh the movies were awful.  plus the protagonist was an asshole.  and annoying in real life.  and i really couldn’t handle Edwards movie hair. it was terrible. so Game of Thrones it is. i’m thinking read the books first, then catch the HBO show when it hits netflix instant.

Random other stuff:

i got goggles for my new swimming habit.  i’ve been trying to swim every nice day when i get home and had to buy goggles cause i kept getting water in my eyes.  don’t be fooled by the seriousness of the goggles, i just swim for like 10 or 20 minutes (swimming is tiring!) and alternate between breast, side, and back strokes.  keep trying to crawl, but my form sucks. and my goggles are pink.  so i now have pink golf and swimming accessories. cause i’m awesome.

my sisters friend is my new favorite person.  she is in advertising and makes her team do fun challenges all the time.  like a new employee has to do the saltine challenge: eat 6 saltines in 30 seconds.  and she just completed the milk challenge: drink a gallon of milk in 30 minutes.  which i have never heard of anyone doing without booting.  and she did it! although she did have an ace in the hole…she grew up on a dairy farm. someone lost a challenge recently and he has to come to work every day in a tuxedo shirt and bike shorts.  at a fancy advertising agency in NYC. i mean who doesn’t want her to be their boss? money was tight and no one on her team could get a raise so she had them each write 3 things they want and she would pick one for each person to balance out no raise.  of course she thought it would be things like, more vacation, work from home, extra training…Nope. for one person the best of the 3 items was “learn to make prison wine”.  so they did. in the office.  with one notable exception, they didn’t use toilet water.  wussies.  but seriously, Cath for Boss of the Year! i want to work for you.


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