Week 27: The Dual Bachlorette

Atlantic City, 2 brides, 14 girls, and 2 gay guys. it was a bachelorette bonanza. if only i had gotten a pic of the whole group….


1. the food. oh the food…. friday we did white house subs for lunch and lemme tell you, after the girls made us walk a mile down the boardwalk in the 90* sun, into the Taj, and then into a glorified subway looking shop, i was not pleased.  and then we got the food.  probably one of the top 5 cheesesteaks of my life.  (only to be surpassed on sunday…spoiler!). totally worth it. then for dinner we did Buddahkan in Caesars which was ridiculously good.  since we had a huge group we did family style fixed price and ended up with 3 courses and about 15 different choices.  de. li. cious. the sake i tried, not so delicious, but that was my own fault.  saturday we did dinner at Fin in the Trop and it was very good, sushi and the lobster mac and cheese were great.  i drank waaaay too much during the day so i probs didn’t fully appreciate it….oops. and then brunch on sunday at the Continental in Caesars was also pre fix, family style.  OMG. fruit with marshmallow sauce, monkey bread, hummus, pancakes bacon and potatoes, and the highlight: cheesesteak eggrolls with sirracha ketchup.  it may have been the hangover talking, but i thought it was best thing i have ever eaten. easily in the top 2 cheesesteaks of my life. 

2. the beach.  i mean who doesn’t LOVE the beach.  the water, the sand, the lifeguards posing pensively by their lifeboats…. not to mention the beach bar where we watched a drunken gaggle of girls dancing in their bikinis.  while the guys did a modified fist pump because they were too cool to dance with the girls. and some of the girls did backflips so we guessed cheerleading team.  it was entertaining.  not so entertaining was the woman way too old for her bikini dancing REALLY energetically.  she was dropping it like it was hot. and it wasn’t.  it was terrifying.

3. the gambling.  i LOVE to gamble. i SUCK at gambling.  needless to say i have to look at it as more of an entertainment and decide how much i want to spend on that entertainment.  so we played roulette. i lost. and we played the slots (fish game!). i lost. my sister played blackjack. she won, i didn’t even play (i have learned over the years that i can make my money last quite long at roulette and slots, but i lose it within 5 minutes playing blackjack). so i lost all my gambling money which i totally anticipated.  but man the fish game is fun. there are these bonuses with jazzy music and dancing fish and you get to pick clams.  it’s great. 

4. pedicabs! the little “cabs” on the boardwalk where you sit in the rickshaw-type thing (minus the harness thing on front) and the guy pushes you around. we had a pedicab race on the way back from dinner and we totally won.  AND we had 4 people in our and the other cab only had 2. suckers. although i think it was only because our driver got excited and was doing fancy spins around trash cans and walking super fast and the other driver i don’t think gave a shit.  but still. winners!

5. the cabana.  on saturday we got a cabana at the Chelsea pool for the day and it was delightful. food, drink, sun, chaise lounges, pool, and even a friend from NYC (hi KFlip!) AND, thanks to our handy word of the day “re-application” no one really got an asshole tan.  i mean we are getting close to the wedding people, that could have been a crisis.

6. the speeding ticket i talked my way out of on the way home.  just kidding. i was way to tired to talk my way out of anything, the cop went to my high school. and i think didn’t give me a ticket cause he felt bad that he said “holy shit!” when i told him i graduated in ’99.   he graduated in ’08. yeah i’m old. thanks for making that obvious super young coperoo. however, i do think my good ‘not getting tickets’ luck cancels out my ‘shitty at gambling’ luck.  so i think i can safely say i broke even this weekend.


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