Week 26: The 2nd Annual Transcareyautic

Transcareyautic= across the lake we swim.

Monday- the 2nd annual transcareyautic.  (Ian i hope i spelled that right!).  it’s a new tradition for our family, but it’s catching on fast.  most of the cousins participate either by swimming or by being a safety kayak, or by cheering and taking pics :).  next year we may even make up some t-shirts, and have matching goggles (pretty necessary for the contact wearers).  and there was talk of an orange slice and gatorade spread when we finish next year.  this is our celebratory jump.

i gotta say, swimming across the lake is HARD.  my sister and i took the easy way and i swam over while she kayaked, then she swam back while i kayaked.  next year i will have to swim more before so i can do both ways.  the rest of monday involved eating, laying on the dock, laying on the rafts in the lake, laying in the chairs, cornhole, and more eating. 

Saturday: Clairebear’s 5th birthday party was pinkalicious! got to swim and play with the kiddos for a while, hang with adults, and enjoy a mexican fiesta.  and the weather was gorgeous!  after that i headed back to PA for the groves annual fireworks extravaganza (Hi Erin!).  per usual the food was incredible and the fireworks were even better.  seriously, the groves fireworks display is far better than the high schools (which isn’t terribly hard to beat, but still). i mean, the guy that buys the fireworks has a platinum card to the fireworks place.  as soon as he walks in they usher him to the back room for the “super sneaky special reserved” fireworks.  foodwise they had these delicious graham crackers with peanut butter in the middle covered all over with chocolate.  so good. not to mention the brisket and pork bbq.  and margaritas made with the gas powered blender with a pull start.

sunday: CHICKENS! another family tradition is chickens over the firepit.  my dad does this every year for the extended family, using his dad’s super secret recipe for the basting sauce and they are AWESOME.  in the midst of all this chicken cookin, my sister, cousin and I saved the 4th of July.  no big deal.  we are just everyday heroes.  during the 20 minutes of monsoon-type rain, we kept the chickens dry with giant golf umbrellas and then a complicated tinfoil tent. and thus, the chickens were saved. phew. later that night we gathered round the fire for smores, made with those jumbo marshmallows AND peanut butter cups.  very fancy smores indeed.  as we ate we watched the fireworks display around the lake, some people really get HUGE fireworks.  also my cousin wrote a song about the blood killas picture.  (see last weeks post). had a nice country, bluesy twang to it.  HI-larious. i seriously want a recorded version.

Sidenote: For those of you NOT in the know- Backyard Ale House has a beer club! with free swag and rewards for different levels achieved. only 96 more beers till i hit level one! ha.


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