Week 25: Bridal Bliss Show

This weekend was the Dietrich’s Bridal Bliss fundraiser, and i think it went really well.  All the rehearsals paid off and the audience laughed alot! all those hilarious wedding stories i suppose.  although i know that in the 2 decades i was in (70’s & 50’s) some of the laughter was also due to our ridiculous poses…. so hopefully they made a lot of money and will continue to supply me with the movies and popcorn that are necessary to my existence.  the pic below is in the alley by the the dietrich, apparently t-town has a gang that vandalizes walls.  watch your back blood killas, bridal bliss is coming to getcha!

Movie News: Green Lantern was really good! i don’t know why the reviews were SO awful.  i mean character development was crap, but it was very funny and action packed.  and although no one made fun of the ridiculous costume, they did poke fun at the stupid mask thingy which i appreciated. 

1st BBQ of the year! can’t believe it took this long to happen, but thats life i suppose.  had a hot dog, some snackys, played some cornhole and once again my balance is restored.  although, i need a new grill something fierce.  mine is super busted.  also this week my mom and i worked on my landscaping and put in tall grasses down by the lake which look really nice. AND, shifty is back.  or shiftys cousin.  for those of you not in the know, shifty is a snake that lives in the rock steps into the lake.  we have a mutual fear of each other and apparently after vacationing for the last few years he has returned home.  to scare the crap out of me again.  it’s not so bad when you think he’s there and check before walking down, but when you don’t check and almost step on him, then he jumps a foot in the air, and flops back into the safety of the water, and i jump back a step and flee to the safety of the dock. it’s all very stressful.

Another first: 1st carnie food of the year! Lake Winola carni was this weekend and i had my first dozen carni clams. delicious.  also had some potato pancakes but they were not nearly as delicious as the t-town carni ones.

Lesson of the week: want to look tanner? Wear neon shorts. For reals. I bought the best shorts ever, like thin mid-thigh cut off sweats (Vicky’s Pink) in what was called neon coral online, and yeah it’s NEON, but boy do I look tan! i kind of want to buy them in every color.  both for the tan enhancer and the supreme comfort.


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