Week 23: Ducks and Turtles and Fawns, oh my!

Dorky title, eh? this was def a wildlife week. it started with me being awoken one night by a duckfight. scared the ever-loving crap out of me. as a girl living alone i can identify any sound usual to my house/the lake in like 2 seconds, but a duckfight? at midnight? took me a heart pounding while to figure it out. imagine a catfight (loud!) but with quacking(louder). and travelling, they fought all the way down my lawn, under my window, and into the lake (splash!). super weird. and also my new thing for the week since i have never experienced that.  done and done. then, my sister was home for the weekend and everywhere we drove she insisted the passenger (me or her) had to be on turtle watch. i mean, admirable, but slightly unnecessary since we didn’t see any driving. although we did see one squished while walking. clearly that car did not have a turtle-watchin passenger. although, to be fair, i did see like 3 turtles earlier in the week while driving. and lastly, the fawn. my parents and uncle have been talking about this adorable tiny fawn by their house for weeks now and my mom was CONVINCED it got eaten by the coyote. (because of course they have a coyote) but no! we saw the fawn and her momma walkin along the driveway on saturday, SO CUTE. still super spotty and tiny and gangly. they bailed into the field (did not like us gawking i imagine) and the little fawn kept jumping up to find her mom above the high hay, it was adorbs.  like she had wee tiny pogo sticks for legs.  i’ve also seen a lot of birds fighting lately.  like tiny little birds going after hawks and crows and just pecking their backs.  pretty creepy in a hitchcock way.

also this weekend was a giant family gathering for my sister who is getting married, sort of a meeting of the families if you will.  it was a good time, and i think her fiance’s family enjoyed themselves (like they had a choice, muah haha) at the party, dinner, and brunch.  if nothing else everyone was very well fed! in all honesty i really like my family.  everyone gets along, and we actually enjoy hanging out and catching up. plus my cousins have some of the cutest kids EVER.   so while some people might say “UGH a whole weekend with the extended family”, we mostly just say “yay!”. which is awesomepants. 

other events in my week: expanded a flower bed so i can put in tall grasses (nonstop rollarcoaster of excitement right here), swam in the lake for the first time this year (necessary after gardening in 95* heat) had a power outage (nice to have a friend in the electric co that you can call and get updates!) and found my new favorite bug spray: Off Active (it’s sweatproof!).


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