Week 22: Always a Bridesmaid….

and also a Bride! no, i’m not engaged (obviously) but all thanks to the Bridal Bliss fundraiser for the Dietrich i get to be a model (oo lala), a 1950’s bridesmaid (purple tulle anyone?) and a totally awesome 1970’s Bride.  with a huge hat.  jealous? you should be. things you should not be jealous about: the hot lights on stage, the fake acting, and the stupid poses we have to hold forever.  most decades have nice demure poses, but somehow for both of mine we crafted painful, uncomfy, hard to hold and not laugh poses.  cause we’re smart like that.   fundraiser is June 26th, so if you want to support the Dietrich and my movie addiction buy a ticket! 

this weekend i also helped my sister unpack in their new house! if ever my ‘little miss bossy’ persona comes in handy it is here. 2 apartments combined into one house full of stuff.  i was an unpacking machine. the kitchen is glorious.  completely unpacked.  even has empty cabinets! my job was oh so complete.  approx 15 moving boxes worth of kitchen.  if anyone needs a dishtowel just ask my sister, she only has about 347 of them.  and used them as extra wrapping.  so JUST when we had the dishtowel drawer full, oh wait, here is 47 more wrapped around platters.  good lord. although i did get some “new for me” wineglasses out of the deal, so yay!

on a random note: i woke up this morning with my arm under my pillow, dead asleep and then stretched under my pillow with my other hand, felt the dead hand and freaked out for a fast second.  i HATE that. 

movie news: X-Men First Class was pretty fantastic.  tons of story, clearly lots of backstory (i mean it IS a prequel) an even a great cameo. (F*** Off!) i liked seeing the beginning relationships, although i am confused about the White Queen.  they screwed that up pretty good since in Wolverine they had her as kiddo Emma Frost when Prof X was older, and in this one she is already the White Queen when Prof X is younger.  creative license i suppose. or a rip in the X-men time-space continuum.

we then continued our trip back in time by drinking at the Red Lion Inn (the bar at the Prince).  it’s kind of like walking into a Mad Men bar.  of course in our case it was full of rowdy boys who were trying to drink the Red Lion out of alcohol.  literally, that was their plan. they made a FB event and everything.

also i made a new word: when you have a tatted arm it’s a sleeve.  (obvi) but i saw a guy at the gym with a sleeve on his left arm, and his right leg was competely tattooed.  ergo: a pant. i kind of want to make friends with him so i can impart my awesome new slang.  clearly that is a conversation that will go really well.


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