Week 20: Disneyland!

Welcome to my grown up spring break long weekend! My friend and i went to Disneyland for two full days and i am EXHAUSTED.  i mean we did so much. and whoever says you can do Disneyland in a day (cough, laura, cough) is clearly on crack.  I’m not even sure how to approach this entry because there is too much to fit in.  so i think i’m gonna do day by day.

Day1: really night 1, we arrived late and strolled over to downtown disney to do some drinking.  and it was grad night.  we had to have someone escort us through the hoardes of kids to get to the bars.  and by escort, i mean a hopped-up-on-disney employee who insisted on making a path for us by throwing her arms out wide all crossing guard style, while telling us the very best disney secrets. we were enthralled. until the secrets were some hidden mickey crap on rides and the fact that if you hear a clicking on main street it’s walt’s speech in morse code.  who cares? i mean we don’t know morse code. lamest secrets ever.  it’s ok, we drowned our sorrows in beer.  also we saw a young woman lurching down the sidewalk talking to herself.  what could we say except: “drunk or special?”

Day 2:  Our main focus that day was the Disneyland park, basically fantasyland from Disney world.  we got there bright and early, decked out in our very finest matching outfits.  i jest. sort of. poor guy did wear a turquoise shirt and i did have on turquoise sneakers but it was totally a “coincidence”. i swear. i hardly ever put my sneaker up to his shirt to better admire the matchy.  anywho we stopped upon our entrance to gaze at the castle…the really small castle. the not-like-disneyworld-castle. fun fact: d-world gets the giant cinderellas castle, d-land has the teeny sleeping beauty castle.  sleeping beauty really got the shaft. but you can walk thru that csatle which was cool.  first things first we got a few fast passes and then scouted out the perfect first ride: the matterhorn (or matador, or himalayas, for whatever reason we couldn’t remember the name of it all trip). and thus began the ride extravaganza.  we did nearly everything. and all the rides were super fantstic.  and we walked, and walked, and walked.  according to my fitbit (wicked awesome pedometer thingy) we walked almost 12 miles that day. i’m guessing closer to 10 because of my habit of getting excited and doing a little dance or running in place. lots of steps, very little distance.  after we had tuckered ourselves out with rides and food and some ridic people watching (seriously almost blind from a terrible plumbers crack at lunch) we went over to World of Color light show at California Adventure park.  and holy crap.  it was AMAZING.  it’s fountains, and colors, and lasers, and music and they project short scenes from movies on the mist.  i mean it made the bellagio fountain show look like a kid with a sprinkler and a flashlight.  after the show we realized the park was open for like 10 more minutes so we RACED to do a ride on our way out.  and my friend accidentally roofied himself.  note to self: beer + dramamine + beer =roofie.  never before have i seen a guy fall asleep while eating chicken fingers at ESPN zone.  it was an event. (worst part was, the ride wasn’t even spinny, so he didn’t even need to roofie himself)

Day 3: Woke up in the morning and thought the Hulk had been bench pressing me using my hips and thighs.  BLACK & BLUE all over. thanks to my crack detective skills i figured it out.  note to self: don’t wear dark denim shorts from the gap outlet without washing them first. TERRIBLE.  lesson learned.  so we hit disneyland just for one ride: the Indiana Jones Extravaganza.  AND we scored by being nice and harmless looking and a woman gave us her extra fast passes! great start to the day.  SO FUN. and then we zipped over to California Adventure for the bulk of our day.  their rides are fun as well, more movie themed. Toy Story Mania is especially cool, you basically go through playing 3D interactive shooting types games and try to get a high score.  had an apple slushie for the first time, it was pretty good.  more crazy walking.  i’ll let you in on a little secret.  i’m not a great walker.  i can’t walk straight.  if you walk with me, i will bump into you.  well guess what? my friend is the same way. oh he will deny it, but we were bumping into each other every 3 minutes and i swear it was only my fault like 65% of the time.  then back to disneyland for the only ride we rode twice: Space Mountain.  i mean it’s a classic for a reason, it’s AWESOME.  hot tip: wear your sunglasses, it makes it cooler cause you can’t see the outlines of the structure then. i have to give my friend credit for not making fun of my woo’ing and screaming on every ride (although he hooted and hollared as well), AND because he didn’t make me go on tower of terror due to my extreme anxiety over not knowing when we fall.  literally the one time i went on that i almost gave myself a heart attack. AND because i got him to say ridonkulous.  i think i’m gonna integrate ridic into his vocab next.  sucka!  after another 10 mile day, night 3 called for no walking: we went to an Angels game (what better place to be for the rapture than ANGELS stadium?) which was fun and a nice break from themes and kids.  then BACK to downtown disney to see Pirates 4! i only thought it was good, not great.  that could have been my massive exhaustion talking, but i think it lacked the fantastical parts of the other ones.

sidenote- on the first night we saw a midget dressed up like Jack Sparrow.  Pirate Midget!  all in all it was a fantstic trip.  i was unsure about how D-land would compare to D-world, but it is a pretty even match.  if you have a week go for D-world, if you have 3 days, go for D-land. and do yourself 2 favors: go with someone who likes theme parks (my friend gave me a real run for my money on enthusiasm) and take a pedometer (you just feel cool knowing how much you walk). also anyone who thinks we are still in a recession- go to a Disney park, you will eat your words.

*don’t have my camera today, so if you really need the visual (stalker!) wait till tonite and ill post some pics on my facebook.

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