Week 19: The Dirty 30

What young girl doesn’t dream her whole life about turning 30? a whole day where all the attention is on them and it is the highlight of their young life… oh wait.  that’s not right. that’s a wedding!  30 is a whole different kettle of fish. but i digress…

i actually did enjoy turning 30, a whole new decade, all the potential and possibilities in front of me. the presents and cake. blah blah blah. but i did have to consciously silence that damn little voice that was moaning and groaning and persistently pointing out all the things i had NOT done, that i thought i would have by 30.  but if you are always looking back you can’t see what is coming up, so i ignored the voice and looked ahead to the Wine Tour!  i turned 30 on monday and then had the whole week to wait for my b-day party on saturday: an all day birthday extravaganza to Seneca Lake on a fancy limo bus with 11 of my friends and family. oh yeah!

the wine trip was great.  everyone got along well (not surprising, since half of us were related to each other, awesome or both) and we had lots of fun on the way up and on the way home in the limo bus.  mimosas in the morning and Pirates of the Caribbean on the way home (had to prep for the 4th!) dina gets a special shout out for being a fantastic preggers photographer, every time we looked up she was behind whatever bar (or screen!) taking pictures of all of us. and it was super nice to not have to take a single picture and return home with a full memory card 🙂 plus i’m in a vast majority of the pics which never happens when you take your own pics.

and i also have to mention the present boni and scott got me.  not the super awesome rolling cooler of goodies.  the other one.  the bag of things i “need now that i’m 30”. metamuecil, corn pads, ben-gay, reading glasses, arthritis tylenol, hemmroid creme, depends, and a seriously frightening pair of granny panties.  it was a little bag of horrors. although all the funnier to me, since i was the youngest one on the bus. (suckers!)  and boni did alert me that “gift receipt is in the bottom, return all that to target and buy something fun” which i will.  except my reading glasses cause my mom liked them 🙂

We managed to hit a total of 5 places:

1. Red Newt- far and away the star of the trip.  winery with some very nice wines, gorgeous tasting room with a nice view, and best of all an awesome cafe with a very fun and sophisticated menu.  including everyones favorite: the Wine Flight! they had like 8 different samplers of wine where you got three tastings of each, and by “tasting” they mean basically a full glass of wine.  and these were the fancy, expensive, delicious wines.  all the food looked good, i can vouch for the chicken and avocado sammy. so basically we started with a bang.

2. Caywood- much more rustic and the wines were way too sweet for me, but all that is moot because they are known for their Champagne.  mmm, didn’t even matter that we drank out of glorified dixie cups.  their champagne was worth it, and they are also the people that make Great Western! but they were all out of stock.  but several of us did buy the “millennium” champagne for $10.45 which used to sell at the Plaza in NYC for $325.  what up mark up. they also have a very nice Rose that sells at some club in the Hamptons that P Diddy and JLo go to.  fun fact.

3. Penguin Bay- This winery had a very nice tasting room, great view, kind of lacking on the delicious wine though.  not my favorite. but i did like that they had a list of your choices and you marked off what you wanted to try.

4. Wagner- had a psycho swan.  and mutant koi carp.  seriously, we were all standing by the pond (behind the fence) looking at the freak fish, and the swan glided over and started attacking the fence.  vicious.  this one is a winery and brewery, and methinks they should just stick to brewery.  the wine was not my favorite plus they paired it with some very bland popcorn for snackys.  sub-par.  but the brewery was great and you could get pitchers of beer and retire to their HUGE deck and chill.  totally worth it.

5. Roosterfish- our last stop, is a brewpub and restaurant.  great beer, you can do a sampler which i always like, and the food was just what we needed by then, hearty and filling, their ham & grilled cheese was fantastic. good place to end your tour, because unlike the wineries they don’t close 5.

so we made it home safe and sound, wine happy, a full year older and a wine rack fuller.  thanks to everyone for helping me turn 30!


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