Week 18: The Bachelor Party

so this was actually my third bachelor party. of course the first two i wasn’t technically invited to, more like made friends with… the first was a Fliers bachelor party that a bachelorette party i was in made friends with in Philly: positive- got VIP bottle service, negative- watched the groom-to-be make out with our maid of honor. trashity trashy.  the second was at a localish casino: positive- fun guys, lots of dancing, negative- the whole bachelor party including me and my cousin got kicked out of the casino.  oops. so the third one was this weekend and the first one that i was actually invited to, and the first one where i knew the bachelor. and there were no real negatives! besides my hangover of course.  unsurprisingly we were That Group.  very loud, taking up half the bar, doing giant group shots, and there may have been some dancing and inappropriate pictures.  not of me of course.  and i wasn’t the only girl there which was a bonus.  and the other girl wasn’t a stripper which was a double bonus.  ha.

this weekend was also the Kentucky Derby! hats, bourbon, and horses.  had some fantastic mint juleps, but no one at the party bet on the winning horse. or the second place.  we are clearly terrible at betting. 

earlier this week was another first.  my very first wedding cake tasting.  of course it was for my sisters wedding, but, semantics. it was not everything i hoped and dreamed it would be.  i pictured plates of different cake slices, little bowls of potential fillings and icings and the lovely ability to mix and match and create any cake we wanted.  and champagne.  but what we got was a few cupcakes with filling, one icing, no drinks, a plastic fork and no napkins.  this cake maker was clearly not in it to win it.  of course the Radisson has this bakery included in the price so i guess she didn’t feel the need to wine and dine us.  but the cake was yummy and we got what my sister wanted so it worked out. 

another thing that wasn’t all i hoped and dreamed it would be? the stationary bike at my gym that has like a video game mode where you have to steer to hit targets and such.  it was fun, but man those bikes are uncomfortable on the tush.  sheesh. 

two things that exceeded my expectations: MOVIES! Fast Five was great, basically Gone in 60 seconds and The Italian Job mixed up.  very exciting and with lots of pretty people.  and THE ROCK!  also saw Thor. Really good.  super fabulous it could even be said.  the guy that plays Thor is one of the few superhero guys that can wear a costume without looking ridiculous.  and makes me very excited for the Avenger movie.

and the very bestest thing? My lawn guy is back from college and wants to mow lawns for another summer! thank the gods cause i suck at lawn mowing.  and it’s exhausting.  and it took me like a half an hour to fill it up with gas.  i mean really. ridic.

tomorrow i turn 30.  joy. perhaps Thor will get exiled from Asgard again and end up in my backyard.  naked. 

that would make turning 30 worth it.


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