Week 17: Healthier

Welcome to my week of attempted healthy living! 

Monday: for exercise i walked the lake and it was the perfect weather, warm but not hot with a nice breeze and no bugs.  if only we could have no bugs all the time. and i took my little hand weights, which made me look dorky, but oh well.  for healthy eating i had a smoothie (banana, yogurt, fruit, and oj) and a salad for dinner.  for house stuff i spread more vole-b-gone.  for indulgences i had smidgens (hey it is easter season after all!) and some gossip girl.  and then we had a thunderstorm.  i mean a ‘woke me out of a dead sleep, scared the crap out of me’ thunderstorm.  the lightning and thunder were so impressive i got out of bed twice to make sure my house (or anyone around me) had not been struck by lightning. vicious.

Tuesday: homemade parfait for lunch! yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, granola and almonds.  delicious.  and a boring salad…  for my body i went to the chiropractor for a tune-up.  like a car, ha.  my back is very finicky and every so often tightens up on me so i hit up the chiro to get realigned.  if anyone needs a good chiro in Tunk i go to Tunk Chiropractic and see Dr. Morris, and he is GREAT.  super effective at fixing my back.  after that i headed home and boni and i went kayaking for the first time this year! we have decided we are going to be kayakers now and i have to say, we are pretty great at it.  of course we went on a super windy afternoon so one way down the lake was super easy, barely had to paddle, and then we turned around.  and FOUGHT our way back down the lake.  we had to paddle so hard we could barely take a break to drink our beer lest we get blown back down the lake.  then we finally got back to her moms dock and the wind died.  the lake was totally still.  sheesh.  but at least we got a good arm/ab workout 🙂  so if anyone is selling a nice kayak let me know, i’m in the market.  for my indulgence i watched The Voice.  it was super good! made me love adam levine more and christina aguillera less.  on the whole, much better than anticipated.

Wednesday: Healthy eating- more parfait.  i really really like it.  and combined with a spicy chx snack wrap from Wendys, makes for a pretty satisfying lunch.  was going to get up early and do yoga this morning, but there was an epic battle and my bed won.  again.  i made my hair healthier today by getting a haircut, just a trim and some layers. then the healthy kinda stopped.  i guess today was more indulgences- pizza for dinner and popcorn, soda, and candy at the movies 🙂 no exercise, although i did look at kayaks before the movie!

Thursday: these nightly thunderstorms are really killing my motivation to work out in the AM.  not that i ever really have any, but i did want to try this week.  5 AM wake up call of wind and rain and thunder and lightning just made me snuggle into my bed and be glad i wasn’t outside.  back on the healthy eating wagon today, fruit for breakfast, parfait and chx wrap for lunch, smoothie when i get home and pierogies (baked) and sweet potato fries (baked) for dinner. tried something new for exercise, circuit training.  my sister does this with her trainer and i found a routine in Shape magazine that i’ve been wanting to try.  they had 3 different circuits, with 3 exercises each.  out of the 9 i think i did 6 so for each circuit i picked the 2 i liked best/ had the accessories for, and tried them.  you do each exercise 8-10 reps, then do the next one in the circuit, and repeat the sequence 5 times, then move onto the next circuit.  it was pretty interesting.  and i’m a little sore which is always a good sign.  this would be fun to get a friend and do on the dock in the summer.  indulgence: Vampire Diaries, wine and a cookie.  i am so addicted to this show, it moves so fast and is so great.  go watch it.  the eye candy alone is worth it. 

Friday: parfait for breakfast.  gym after work. where i found my new favorite machine! thanks to a friend talking about it, i tried the rowing machine.  and man is it fun. and a calorie burner. and an ass kicker.  it could totally be improved by making it an interactive game like the tvs on the bikes have.  at my gym you can set a program on a bike and you have to pedal faster to get points, kind of like you are in a video game. literally you aim for stuff like green dragons to get points.  it looks awesome. that may be my next new machine.  but they should add it to the rowing machine as well.  loch ness monster, 50 points!  indulgences: mexican food at the new mexican cantina and tequila bar at Bellissimo.  thats right, an italian restaurant diversified by adding a mexican place onto their building.  pretty awesome.  and it wasn’t too shabby, probs better for happy hour than dinner though.  then Friday Night Lights.  best. show. on tv.

Weekend: this post is way too long.  i’m condensing.  healthy: mowed my lawn. still sore and it’s tuesday, thanks push mower! smoothies, and made a killer caprese salad with avocado and lemon for a BBQ.  unhealthy: ate 2 hot dogs and drank lots of beer at said BBQ.  unrelated: played a super fun game, Hoopla, at the BBQ (it got chilly so we had to head inside). it’s like cranium, but everyone is one team and you have to beat the clock.  super fun. also watched Salt with a friend, very good movie. it’s on instant netflix, so watch away.


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