Week 16: Rain Rain GO AWAY

seriously. bugger off.  stop raining.  it has rained for approx. 23 of the last 25 days of april.  at this rate, we will run out of places to put the resulting may flowers… (you know, april showers, bring may flowers)

so this week was Easter, which is always nice.  we went down to DC to spend Easter with my sister and the weather was gorgeous.  friday was rain (shocker) but saturday and sunday were sunny and in the 70’s and 80’s, it felt so good. i finally got to wear shoes WITHOUT socks.   per usual for my family, our trip revolved around food.  breakfast lunch and dinner are not just meals to us, they are opportunities for greatness.  for real.

 we had great pizza at Rustico friday afternoon, then a really good meal at a spanish tapas place.  i really like tapas places because you can order so much different food and try everything and not leave feeling like you need a nap. also they had a really good white sangria with tequila and apple and mint.  i think i will totally make that this summer.

saturday was spent at Mt. Vernon, home of george and martha washington.  and by home i of course mean sprawling complex.  blacksmith, orchard, wharf, greenhouse, 16 sided barn, GW lived large.  literally, he was a giant in his day, 6’2″, and martha was only 4’11”.  go win jeopardy with that tidbit.  so if you ever have the chance, go to Mt. Vernon, it’s worth the trip.  and of course we ran into a family from Tunk there.  they literally live a mile away from my parents.  must be something in the water that makes them want to go to Mt. Vernon over Easter weekend….

so after our historic sight see-ing, it was, naturally, time for dinner and we went to Againn in downtown DC.  SO GOOD. it’s an English Gastro Pub, which i thought meant certain failure because the Brits are not really known for their awesome food…(or maybe i just dislike English food) but it was the best meal we had all weekend.  i had a Pimms cup no. 13 which was great, i really enjoy Pimms, i might make that this summer as well.  had it for my first time in London and this was just as tasty.  it’s a very light summery drink.  for some reason, this trip i was really rocking the gin drinks, and normally i’m not a big gin fan… but i digress.  the food was incredible: we had 3 different kinds of fish and dad got the steak and we also tried the potato soup, pear salad, fries, kale, and dad and my sister enjoyed their raw oysters.  and then the dessert.  ridic good.  strawberry cheesecake basil milkshake with churros, a chocolate and digestive biscuit cake (in honor of the impending royal wedding, with proceeds going to charity) and irish coffees.  so if you live in DC, go here.  order all the above.  you are welcome.


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