Week 15: Habitat!

This was the first Saturday i did Habitat for Humanity and it was pretty cool. of course i picked the worst possible day to jump in: barely 40* with heavy winds and spitting rain. and since just the frame of the house is up we got ALL the weather. but since my summer is so busy (up to 5 weddings now….) i figured i should probs take any weekend i’m free. i felt pretty awesome and capable just walking into the house (with my 47 layers and hammer). and by walking into the house i mean navigating down a hill across loose rock and mud on plywood sheets, trekking 8 feet across a board balanced on a ladder, scaling a ladder up 8 feet and then cautiously maneuvering myself around the ladder and into the house. 9:04AM and i have successfully completed my first adventure: getting into the house. and was faced with a few other girls (including the one we are building the house for, she has to put in like 300 hours) and about 6 older men with toolbelts. my accomplishment of getting into the house suddenly did not feel so large…. but everyone is super nice and we set to work framing and building the interior walls. and we got a ton of stuff done! like 6 or 8 walls! AND the other 2 girls and i built 2 all by ourselves! granted they were the tiny laundry room/closet walls with no doors or trickery, but still, i was pretty impressed with us. i am now a much better hammerer than before, got to use a level, AND got to use a spinning, saw thingy that you set on a table and bring the spinning part down to cut the studs. got to wear safety glasses and everything. the only downside was i did not get to wear a cool toolbelt like the guys, i got a wussy nail apron. which was handy since all i did was hammer, but still. i tried to trade one of the guys his toolbelt for my apron.  he laughed cause he thought was i joking….so i let him think that.

on Tuesday Bonnie and i went to see Froggy’s Guitars and Stars(!). it was pretty entertaining. bunch of new and old country stars sitting on stools playing their songs and bantering. i do so enjoy a good banter. lots of cowboy boots and guitars and harmonicas. the music was good but we decided that the stars were either new or trying to (re)make a name for themselves again when the only songs we recognized were from like 5 years ago. “i got a brand new girlfriend! we went and jumped off the deep end, flew out to LA for the weekend…” that guy was there.  thats the only song i could really sing along to, and i know a fair amount of country.

also my cousin and his wife are preggers! in like 6 months i will have a tiny little baby within 5 miles to snuggle and kiss. also since she is super italian i’m thinking Maria might just make it on the short list o names….

this summer is shaping up to be a “Weddings, and Birthdays, and Babies, Oh My!” kinda summer. 

vole update: found an alternative to poison! vole repellant.  all natural, non-toxic and just makes the dirt distasteful to them (or something like that).  so my lawn will not be a tiny vole graveyard. hooray!


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