Week 13:Kiddopalooza

hello. my name is maria, and i am addicted to wintergreen lifesavers. 

so this weekend was kiddo-palooza for me.  i got to meet the brand new lil jay, and i got to hold him and snuggle him and kiss him, and he stayed fast asleep the entire time…. then i got to play with his sister and his cousins.  AND i achieved Rockstar status with Lori’s sons.  they were all, yeah yeah another lady to meet… (clearly they don’t remember the other 10 times) Until they found out i was friends with Uncle D.  Literally they gazed at me in awe. i don’t think i would have been more impressive right then if i had said i had to run because i was late for a party with Thomas the Train, Spidey, and Elmo.  guess that 29 year friendship finally paid off!

Saturday morning i was up bright and early to get to NY to see Clairebear in her dance class. having never done this before i was very excited. few things are more entertaining than a room of 4 year olds doing a jazzy tap number with everyone recording it on their phones. they dance, and they wave, and they stare at the person next to them, then they might fall down, get up and do it all again.  not to mention the enormous wall of dance pictures.  oh lord the costumes…it brought on horrible flashbacks of my own costumes when i was wee.  not that i didn’t rock the gingerbread costume or the western cowgirl outfit….

after this is was just hanging with the fam, and playing with the kids till partay time.  poor uncle J was being used as a jungle gym and forced to spin Claire around and around and around.  somehow i escaped this fate and my required role was to lounge on the couch with my eyes closed and play princess.  the only downside to this was that i didn’t know if the kiss was coming from Claire or Jack (good) or Hank (bad).  Hank is their GIANT dog who thinks he is still a lap dog and likes to cuddle to the point of suffocation or drowning from his drool.  i have seen him charge through the house knocking kids over like bowling pins. pretty sure he weighs as much as a i do, but with much less grace.

next up, Jackson Browns 3rd birthday party. never have i seen a 3 year old tear through presents with such speed.  clearly Christmas was just his practice run.  he had half, literally half of a mountain of presents, open before any adult could even get out their camera.  the biggest winner? a bubble gun.  of course. kids and their bubbles….

this whole day helped ease some of my “oh boo hoo me, i am turning 30 and not yet married or with adorable kids of my own”.  i mean it was super fun and i love these kids as much as possible, but my lord is it exhausting.  i got home and just sat on my couch in the blessed quiet.  clearly i cannot have kids until i no longer require 8-10 hours of sleep a night.  good thing i didn’t rush into that. HA.

another good thing about being single and 29 and 11/12?  planning Grown Up Spring Break!  Helllo Disneyland and California!


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