Week 11: NEPA Idol!

You know, like American Idol…..but in NEPA.  So this friday was NEPA Idol at Wellingtons.  i convinced my friends to go, and really i expected a hot mess.  and was quite excited about that.  surprisingly enough it was actually not bad! it was like going to watch karaoke and having all the singers be decent.  the actual worst part was they had the singers in the back and the speakers were pointed toward the judges table, so it was hard to hear the people.  also, i did not recognize any of the judges, clearly they were c-list local celebrities.  one suggestion i will make to hopeful idol’ers: don’t sing a sloooow song, it will just put the bar audience to sleep.  some of the contestants clearly did not realize their job was also to entertain me….

so i made sure to invite 2 of my friends that sing, and i had an evil master plan to get them both to sign up.  well, less evil i suppose and more dreadfully simple: put them together with alcohol and “karaoke” and they will pressure each other to sing so they aren’t the only one.  i figured it was foolproof, but my one singer friend went home early…. but i still had 50% success cause my other friend couldn’t resist and tried out.  i think she did great, but apparently the judges had a different opinion cause she didn’t win….

the other story of note from that night is a newspaper article my friend brought to everyone’s attention.  last week a 27 yr old scranton girl was arrested and the cops found, during a cavity search (ew.), the following:

53 bags of heroin, 33 empty bags, 8 and a half prescription pills, $51, and 22 cents.  what no lipstick or travel sized hairbrush?  i mean i understand hiding certain things, but why the money? it’s not a crime to have $51.22 in your purse. and if it was i certainly think i’d ditch the 22 cents.  i guess priorities are different for everyone…

Random other stuff:

So i had a dream that i was being told about my little sister from Big Brother, Big Sisters and i was really anxious to find out what she would be like.  which in real life i am. the dream person (who was ironically a child herself) came up and said i was getting a very difficult child and she wanted to prepare me cause she wasn’t sure i could handle a problem child.  and when i asked what the difficulty was, she replied:

“She’s very pessimistic”

not gangs, drugs, or violence.  nope.  this kid just has a bad outlook on life.  apparently the one thing my subconscious can’t handle, the one thing i truly fear, is pessimism.  alrighty then.

things that bug me to no end:

when parents say they have to stay home and babysit.  if it is your kid, it’s not called babysitting, it’s called parenting. 

on the radio a caller said he was home because he was “playing stay-at-home-mom” with  his son. if he is your son, then you are his dad.  ergo you are not “playing” jack, you are a stay at home dad.  or at the very least a stay at home dad for the day.


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