Week 10: Flip the format.

Typically i only report on my weekend activities.  after all there is a much higher chance of fun on the weekends, while during the week it’s hard to find time for new exciting things.  that said, here are my highlights from last week. 

Monday: 14″ of snow! Ridiculous.  also couldn’t go into work cause they didn’t plow the lake until 2pm! so less ridiculous and more awesome i suppose…. provided a much needed recuperation day after skication. i could have been productive but instead i unpacked and watched tv all day. although i did bust out my ski goggles for shoveling. and i may have thrown a few shovelfuls into the wind since i was wearing goggles.

Tuesday: James David Bass is born! Congrats lil buddy, you have the best parents and big sister around! also Linds- if the next one is a girl may i suggest Maria? you know, keep the trend of naming your kids after awesome people rolling… also my sister visited him in the hospital and verified that he is indeed “the cutest baby ever”.  good job Bass family!

Wednesday: Funeral for a very sweet woman who died at 99.  she was my mom’s best friend from high schools mother.  where a bunch of older people i haven’t seen for probs 20 years marvelled (literally marvelled) at how pretty i am. apparently i should be a model.  clearly i was either (a) looking Really Good that day, (b) had no competition since i was the only woman under 60 there, or (c)was a very ugly child and they were relieved i grew up normal looking….i’m gonna go with option b.

Thursday: Tried that new tresemme dry shampoo for the second time.  and again it was an epic fail. static central on my head.  clearly my hair only likes wet shampoo… it did not look anything like the commercial girls hair.   also my addiction to Words with Friends is growing.

Friday: Went to see “Take Me Home Tonite”.  the 80’s, one big night, comedy with Topher Grace.  who i secretly heart.  he’s all snarky and gangly and nerdy.  and some girl who looks like kristen stewart, but is not.  my friend tried to convince me it was, but i wasn’t buying it.  she’s only good at being gloomy and moody with vampires, she could never be fun and bubbly in 80’s couture.  so overall it was entertaining, it was not, however, the best thing ever as it was advertised on the radio.  wtf. everything they say on my radio morning show is apparently not true. thanks alot kidd kraddick in the morning.


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