Week 9: Skication 2011- Breck.

Okay, catching up here.  So last week was our 2nd annual family skication.  Location this year? Breckenridge, CO.  3 full days of skiing and we had every kind of great weather, we skiied in sun, clouds, and snow.  we had a day of fresh powder and best of all, the trails were EMPTY the first 2 days.  if you ever go to Breck, stay at Antler lodge (or one close to it) because we had ski in/ski out AND best of all the ski rental place across the street stored our boots and skis every night for us.  super convenient. 

skication #2 has further enforced my love of the ski culture.  the clothes are comfy, the people are super nice, and even tho it’s cold out, the thing to do is sit outside in the sunshine and drink beer on top of a mountain.  i really do love it.  especially the jaunty little walk you get with skiboots.  i still haven’t tackled the super hard slopes, but seriously, how good am i going to be if i only ski 3 days a year…. i’m pretty happy with greens and blues.  they give you more time to gawk at the scenery without worrrying about killing yourself. 

another great part of skication was that we know some people in Colorado so we got to spend some QT with people we rarely see.  my parents friends that live in Pueblo came up to hang for 2 days and even made elk chili for the whole crew. these are people i’ve met a handful of times in my life (most notabley while camping and panning for gold when i was 9…) and they are just the nicest people you will ever meet.  also a great way for my dad to spend his b-day.  my friend from Denver also came out to play for a day, he was the only snowboarder in a group of skiiers.  it did kind of make me want to learn to snowboard cause it looks very graceful (a word my sister used, that doesn’t seem like it would fit but it really does).  but i think i will do that on our wee mountains here so i don’t waste a skication day on my ass….

Favorite things:

1. the mountain trail map that was also a shammy for goggles.  super cool. as our waiter Darren said, “dude? a souvenier that is also useful, no way!”

2. our waiter Darren.  he was a most excellent combination of Keanu Reeves (circa Bill & Teds) and our cousin Doug.  a sample of convo, his part said in a kind of slow, raspy, surfer-y dialect, basically as Ted. also with a lot of nodding and staring:

Darren- you guys all done with that fondue? want me to clear it?

My sister- nah, we will keep working on it, there is a little left to scrape from the bottom.

Darren- Scrapin the bottom…. diggg it……

also many uses of: totally, awesome, and even a righteous.

3. the martini my sister and i ordered one night: the spicy blood orange with serrano infused tequila and blood orange juice.  literally after every sip you had to stop talking and breathe out a few times.  it was awesomepants. we got it at the Hearthstone in Breckenridge, so if you go there order it.

4. cutting through the trees on a made up path.  granted i only did this once and it was just to get to another trail, and i went super slow, but still it was fun. 

Things i learned:

1. goggles really are necessary in CO.  last year i used sunglasses and they would not have worked for me this year.  plus they make you look cool . in a large alien bug sort of way.  i think i just like having “gear”.

2. potassium helps with sore muscles.  so eat a banana if you are sore.

3. when your place advertises a hot tub “in the adjacent complex” find out which one that is…. we never did discover the hot tub and that was sad.

4. chairlift anxiety really goes away after the first ride.  i learned this last year, just thought i would reiterate.

5. “on purpose” and “intentionally” mean the same thing.  this was not my lesson but someone elses hilarious misspeak.  you know who you are.


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