Week 8: Brought to you by the Marriott and Apple

It’s been a busy, busy couple of weeks.

Shellac update: it did last two weeks, but when i took it off my nails were a little rough… i would say its awesome for vacations but maybe not to do all the time….

New and noteworthy for Week 8: the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and the Apple IPad.  The last weekend of February brought the annual Freightliner meeting, held in sunny San Antonio.  i went down a day early to hang with a friend from austin and we took full advantage of the lazy river and water slides.  note to anyone going there: the “action river” part is not that action-y… but the river in general is fantastic, as are the water slides.  apparently 78* is “cold” in san antonio since we were the only ones in there besides the little kids.  the next day i stumbled on a Wonderful discovery, due to the off-season (i guess) the poolside cabanas were FREE.  so i lolled about my private cabana for a few hours before the meeting began.  it looked like a crate and barrel set up.  AND they had their chaise lounges on a ledge submerged in a few inches of water.  god i love resorts.

so the pre-meeting time was a success and one would have thought the actual meeting would have paled in comparison but it didn’t, i mean: hybrids! new trucks! new electrical systems! virtual technician! mexican food and bbq! and above all, open bars!  and their coup de grace: the IPad freightliner sales tool.  boo. ya.  also there was another Sherwood there from a different dealership (gotta love the giant name tags we all have to wear). nice guy. when i introduced myself to bond over our awesome last name, he said:

“ahhh, this explains why people kept asking me why i was ignoring my pretty young wife!” HA! i’ll take both compliments sir.

New obsessions:

1.  iBooks.  i didn’t think i’d like reading on a pad, but man it’s awesome.  no need for bookmarks, can read in the dark, and if you want a new book all you do is peruse the store and press buy.  all the little books are lined up in my little online bookcase (literally, it’s a wooden bookcase) AND there are tons of free ones.  when you get the app they even give you a free book, mine was Winnie-the-Pooh.  oh Yeah!  so i don’t think i will abandon real books completely, but for travel, this is AWESOME.

2. Words with Friends.  online scrabble is super fun.  so any of you fancypants with an ipad or iphone come play with me 🙂

3. the Freightliner app.  the reason freightliner gave their dealers ipads.  it’s a pretty awesome sales tool, who would have thought technology and truck salesmen would be a match? dear freightliner geek squad: thank you so much for this awesome idea that netted me an ipad 🙂

so if anyone has awesome apps they can’t live without, fill me in!  i’m an app newbie.  stay tuned for the recap of Skication 2011…


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