Week 6: The Shellac

The Shellac Manicure that is:

14 day wear, zero dry time, mirror finish.

Challenge accepted. 

So one of my best friends has 2 kids and a busy busy life so it can be hard for the two of us to make plans.  But we had carved out an entire (!) Saturday to have a girls day with the 2 of us and her 4-year-old daughter.  i’m not sure who was more excited about this, us or clairebear…

the agenda: lunch, window shopping, manicures, and shoe shopping with just the girls.  shockingly enough clairebear was very excited to leave her 2-year-old brother jacksonbrown at home.  lunch was good and we got clairebear the cutest little shoes and sweater boots, the boots were all recycled, recycled tires for the bottom and recycled sweater for the top.  A-dorable.  but the real highlight was the manicure.  it took as long as a regular mani, cost a bit more, and currently at Sanderson the colors are pretty limited.  but oh. my. gosh. after applying the top coat and curing it with a blue light thingy, they were dry. like really dry.  like let the manicurist grab your hands and rub oil into your nails dry.  and SHINY. and smooth.  for the entire car ride home my friend and i just gazed at our nails. (don’t worry, clairebear just got a regular mani, i mean she’s 4, we aren’t crazy…)

then we got back to the house and played with the kids for a few hours.  *as a sidenote, one thing i LOVE about kids: when they are so excited and happy they want to hug you but you are doing something else (like paying for manicures) so they just hug your leg.  like, “oh here is a handy body part that is close to me”. LOVE IT.*  but i digress, back to the manicure.  it is currently day 3 and still no chips, still shiny, still perfecto.  i played with kids, i did housework, i showered twice, i cooked, and NOTHING.  i really wish i had a camera so you could see how pretty.  i plan to buy one this weekend, so if they are still perfect i will try to show proof.

also, it goes with my valentine’s day themed outfit: purple shirt, pink sweater, red nails, pink shoes.  which i realize sounds like a hot mess, but i assure you, it looks almost normal 🙂  happy valentines day!


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