Week 5: Working from home

Newsflash: the weather has been crappy.  Last week we had the trifecta: snow, sleet and freezing rain.  Now i will admit something: i generally like bad weather.  i will bitch and complain as much as the next person, but deep inside? i love it.  i love dressing all snuggly with giant sweaters and furry boots. (i also love a good monsoon- 2 words: RAIN BOOTS.)  i love turning my fireplace on and watching the snow/sleet/freezing rain outside.  i love how pretty the lake looks buried under snow.  i even love busting through the snowplow snow mound at the bottom of my driveway with my SUV.  It makes me feel tough.

there is one thing i do not love: my commute.  roughly 30 miles of back roads, two lane “highways”, and legit 4 lane highways.  i also do not love how the roads get progressively better on my drive to work, i leave my house, fight through snow and ice and terrible roads for like 18 miles, risking my LIFE, then all of a sudden the roads are bare, “just wet”, and i am late to work for no reason that anyone at work can understand because the roads are “fine”.  stupid commute.  then i have to turn around and do it all over again to get home. 

needless to say bad weather on work days stresses me out.  sometimes it stresses me out so bad i can’t even enjoy my snowy weather outfit.  and who wants that? so this week, i freakin planned ahead.  forecast: tuesday- snow all day, sleet/freezing rain all night, weds- sleet/freezing rain.  dis. gusting.  so being the crafty planner i am, i figured out a way to work from home weds, thus eliminating the need to tackle icy roads (my nemesis). 

my plan came together beautifully.  big annual meeting on the schedule for february and guess who plans it? me. of course.  luckily i had given all the managers a deadline of tuesday to get their reports/forecasts/goals to me. which meant i could take everything home with me and spend weds compiling information, planning the meeting, and creating the agenda.  it was perfecto. i could eliminate my deadly commute on ice day AND be super productive.

it. was. awesome. because i had no 45 minute commute, i got to sleep in.  i got to enjoy a real breakfast. i got to let my hair air dry. i did laundry WHILE working.  i stayed in my jammies all day. i had my fireplace on all day.  and surprisingly enough, i got all my work done.  i was a MACHINE. i even worked out. whats up fitness videos on netflix instant! and since i had no commute home i was all done with both work and gym by 5:30pm. so i took down all my xmas decorations, including my tree! (yes i know it is ridiculously late, but stuff it. i like christmas decor.)  i think i might make this a tradition.  every year the annual meeting shall be compiled at home.  the one day i can truly Work From Home.

the only downside was the ice storm was exaggerated.  so the roads weren’t that bad and i could have totally gone in.  but i already had my work from home day planned and cleared with my boss.  so…was it productive? yes. necessary? probs not.  but on the upside now i can relate when people talk about working from home 🙂 and maybe next year there will be a blizzard on my annual work from home day.  that would be even awesomer.


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