Week 4: Say Yes to the Dress!

This week was fairly uneventful. No really exciting plans: work, gym, tv, repeat. However, this weekend….fabulous.

The weekend started out right, happy hour at a fun bar with a fun friend, seriously a great way to cap off a week of uneventfulness. Happy hour kind of eases you into the weekend, you start early, you end early, and you wake up on saturday fresh and ready to go. Which is good since i had to be up bright and early to head to NYC with my mom for: The Big Clean Out.

My mom, sisters and I spent the whole day cleaning out my sisters apt to make room for her fiance’s stuff. One entertaining trip back through “fashions of the 80’s”, one battle waged against the “Closet of Mystery”, 12 bags to goodwill and 14 boxes in the car later, we were done. We emerged victorious. We had accomplished the impossible: we made room in a NYC apartment! So, as a reward, my sisters fiance took us to a Chinese New Years party (year of the rabbit!) and out for a delicious Japanese dinner (cooking on a hot rock!). And yet, this was not the highlight of the weekend. Because on Sunday, we…..

Said Yes to the Dress! We trooped over to Kleinfelds and settled ourselves in a lil room to watch my sister try on the most gorgeous wedding gowns ever. We ooo’d, and ahhh’d, and ooooh’d. It was fabulous. It came down to 2 beautiful dresses (what a great problem to have), my sister buckled down and made her decision, and a mere hour and a half later we were meeting the fiance for lunch. It was so easy and drama free and exciting and successful! I want to shop for wedding dresses every day. Seriously, is that a job anywhere? AND we got to see all our favorite “stars” from TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress”. What up Randy!

It was literally a weekend where everything went right. Which never happens! We had two things to accomplish, we knocked them both out of the park and even had 2 delicious breakfasts and dinners to boot. It almost inspires me to clean out my own house……almost.


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