Week 2: Happy Hour Yoga

don’t get too excited, happy hour yoga refers to the time slot, not to martinis.  (i know i was little disappointed too…)  anyway, on to week 2!

so after the carjacking ninja looter hit there was a bit of stress and a lot of anger.  a tiny part of me hoped the guy would dare to break into my house just so i could beat the crap out him with my hockey stick and practice my hog tying skills.  luckily (i suppose) this did not occur and i simply spent the week vacillating between anger and unease. 

after a week of this i pretty much gave up the hope of recovering anything or of recieving any sort of closure by the police catching the guy.  so i decided to de-stress and de-anger.  thus enters “happy hour yoga”. what better way to reclaim my peaceful balance?  (sidenote: i decided something must be done about my carjacking ninja looter anger when i had to, quite seriously, talk myself out of punching the dmv guy in the head.) (although he would have deserved it).

so i gather my yoga mat that my sister bought me years ago, don a cute little yoga outfit (few things make me more confident than an appropriate, adorable outfit) and head into the room with the other yogis on a friday afternoon.  it was a good class.  not as instructive as i hoped, and the guy behind me was much more flexible than me which i disliked, but it served its purpose.  it’s hard to be angry and stressed when balancing on one leg while attempting to pull the other leg above your head behind you. 

there were no end of class martinis, but i still left pretty happy.  the class served a dual purpose that day.  1: it helped me get out of my funk and 2: it helped me break out of my gym rut of cardio and machines. so purpose served.

added bonus fun: go see the green hornet, it was hilarious and gadjet-tastic!


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