Week 1: Carjacked by a ninja looter

i find that about once a year something truly ridiculous happens to me.  the kind of thing that makes me have to tell people twice and then elaborate because they think i’m joking at first.  last year: i hit a bear.  i mean really, who hits a bear? i do.  this year: i got carjacked by a ninja looter.  sort of.

so onto the story.

saturday i headed to the farm show with my mom and her two friends.  my mom was driving, i was shotgun and the other two were in the backseat.  as you do before road trips, we stopped at dunkin in dallas to grab a coffee.  unbeknownst to us there was a ninja looter watching as we parked and my mom and i got out to run inside.

apparently he was watching the car and saw my purse on the floor of the passenger seat and decided he really wanted my pretty pink coach for himself.  so he walked over and in literally 5 seconds (according to our eyewitnesses in the backseat) opened the door, grabbed the purse, closed the door, launched himself through the sliding door of his red van, hopped in the front seat and sped off. 

by the time mom and i emerged from dunkin (all of 2 minutes from when we went in) the two women were out of the car and rattling off the license plate number to the cops on the phone.  dallas pd came, very nice and helpful, took the statements, and the video from the nearby verizon store and set about to find the guy.

sadly, the plates were stolen, the car has not yet been found, and most likely my pretty purse with my entire life inside is laying dejectedly in a snowbank or dumpster.  sans cash of course.  so in 10 seconds i lost my wallet, keys, phone, camera, and the other 42 things in my purse.  but i did have a lovely time cancelling all my cards, changing my locks, switching my car, and thinking about how very much the ninja looter now knows about me.

lessons learned: lock your car even if there are people in there, carry less stuff in your purse, and ALWAYS be nice to your neighbors because they are the ones that will take their truck and park it in your driveway so it looks like a big badass guy lives there. 

oh and for fun stuff this week (as if being carjacked is not fun enough) went to a hockey game with some fabulous friends and had a great time.  although it seems that fights are no longer allowed on the ice?  every time there was almost a fight the refs broke it up really fast.  stupid refs.  oh and i even took pics to post on here.  stupid ninja looter.


3 thoughts on “Week 1: Carjacked by a ninja looter

  1. Maria – I really appreciate the magnitude of your undertaking with this blog, but starting out with a ninja looter is really setting the bar high… I hope you can deliver.


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