The Potential of January

Besides snow, ice and freezing cold of course.  Ahhh, the first month of resolutions, isn’t it so shiny and clean?  So January seems chock full of potential plans.  In order to stay focused (and off my warm cozy couch) i thought i would jot down some preliminary plans.  Things i want to do/have plans to do:

1. Go to a hockey game (already planned for friday, checkity check!)

2. Go to the Casino

3. Weekend cleanout/ bridal dress shopping in NYC with my sister

4. Pampered Chef party

5. Yoga classes at the gym

6. Go Skiing (Prep for skication 2011)

So we have 6 potential things that are new/different.  All i need to do is one per week.  Totally do-able.  In fact, i may even do more than one.  Start off with a bang!  And yes i will most likely write every blog without capitalizing “i”.  Deal with it.

How this blog will work: i think every month i will start off with a monthly overview, then write a post per week.  At least this is my plan…


3 thoughts on “The Potential of January

  1. Hey – you should ski for Lupus at Elk. I think it is January 9th (I can check with my mom if you are interested) and it is at a good price for a good cause.

  2. Numbers 1,2,4,5 and 6…If your looking for a partner in crime let me know. I too shall attempt to draw my rear off the big comfy couch!

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